How a Simple “Hack” Can Make You SAG/AFTRA Eligible in Just a Few Days.

WARNING: If You've Been Struggling To Get Your SAG Card,
This Could Be The Most Exciting And Important Information
You Will Ever Read...

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m one of the “lucky” ones. I’ve been a member of SAG (now SAG/AFTRA) for more than 30 years, as well as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and made a decent living in Film, TV and Commercials. If it’s okay, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

  • Have you ever lost out on an acting job because you’re “Not in the Union”…?
  • Are you frustrated with how long it can take to collect “Vouchers” from Extra-Work?
  • Have you ever felt like too much of your acting career was “out of your control?”
If so, you’re not alone. A few years ago I was rehearsing a play in L.A. One of my fellow actors (let’s call him KJ) showed up looking pretty depressed. I asked him what was up, and he said he just missed out on a part in feature film, because he wasn’t in SAG yet.

It wasn’t anything new, but it was kind of a sore spot for him. “Yeah, I’ve just never been able to break through.”

He’d even done some extra work over the years trying to collect “vouchers” to get into the Guild that way, but, as anyone will tell you, it’s not that easy.

I’ve heard stories of actors trying ten years to get that third voucher.

As I said, I’m one of the lucky ones. I got into the Screen Actors Guild when a pretty well known actor broke his arm two weeks before shooting began on a PBS movie, and they suddenly had to recast. I got the part because the producers were willing to take a big gamble on an unknown actor (me). They signed what’s called a Taft-Hartley form, and I was in. I was 17. But the fact is,

Some people wait years for their big break.

For my friend KJ, it was taking much longer. It was starting to take its toll. In fact, he was starting to wonder if his “big break” would happen at all. Around the time of this conversation, I had recently helped out some friends on a couple of short films and New Media projects as the first assistant director, handling contracts and forms and stuff, among other things.

Wanting to help, I said to KJ,  ”You’re a pro-active guy, Couldn’t you find someone who’s doing a web series, and get Taft-Hartleyed into SAG that way?”

I’d known a few folks who had done that. Produced their own Web Series.

“Some of us were talking about raising $10,000 on KickStarter to do our own Web Series,” he said.  ”But we want to do it right, and that’ll take a few months. And even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll get in.” So I left it at that. But I kept thinking about that conversation. Particularly the last part. “Even then, there’s no guarantee.”

I started digging around on the internet reading about actors joining SAG by Self-Producing using the New Media Agreement, and found a ton of half-truths and misinformation, even urban myths. Things like, “Oh, my friend’s cousin tried to sneak into SAG doing a web-series and got red-flagged for LIFE!!”

To complicate matters, even the official SAG website had some conflicting information on the topic.

I called the SAG membership department directly and spoke to one of the representatives. She told me Taft Hartley applications aren’t automatically approved. Even if everything’s done right. Someone in the membership department goes through the applications and approves or disapproves them. “Based on what?” I wanted to know. She wouldn’t give me specifics.

Apparently, there was a concern that if everybody knew about this, then the flood gates would open and anybody and everybody could get into SAG whenever they wanted.

But I wasn’t concerned about everybody getting in, I was looking out for KJ, who was (did I mention?) a damn good actor. I admit I became a little obsessed. I started reading all the SAG contracts and agreements cover to cover, looking for some DEFINITIVE information. I was looking for the black and white, concrete answers. Specifically I wanted to know what a person would have to do to be 100% sure that his Taft-Hartley Application got approved if he produced his own New Media project.

Was there, in fact, a guaranteed do-it-yourself way to get into SAG, with no ifs, and or buts?

Something that would benefit those pro-active actors who were willing to commit the time and energy it took to invest in their professional careers? Then I found it. I had to dig pretty deep, but I found the language in the official SAG Contracts and By-laws that absolutely Guarantees it.

In fact, the news was even better than I’d thought.

I called KJ. “Remember we talked about doing a web series so you can get into SAG?”


“Forget it. I’ve cracked the code,” I said. ”You’re going to make a short film. Less than five minutes long.

But this is the important part… Pay attention.”

“There are three things you have to do. Dead stupid simple things,” I told KJ.  ”But if you do them all, They HAVE to invite you to join SAG.”

“Really?” said KJ, a bit dubious.

“Really.” I said. “My guess is that MOST people don’t do them, but if you do them in exactly the right way,

SAG is actually required by Federal Law to offer you membership in the Guild.”

Cutting to the chase, KJ followed my instructions to the letter, and is now a full fledged, Dues Paying Member of SAG/AFTRA.

And it happened in just a few days.

Then I noticed something strange.

Within weeks I started getting emails and Facebook requests from other actors asking me for advice on their projects.

Some were friends of KJs, others were complete strangers. I told them what I’d found out, and helped a few of put their projects together.

But I have to say, as much as I enjoy helping brother & sister thespians out, I have my own acting career to pursue, and unless I cloned myself, I just didn’t have time to help everybody out one-on-one.

So I did the next best thing. I documented the entire process. On video. All my research. All my recommendations. I made:

I Created The Definitive Actor’s Guide to Self Producing Your way into the Screen Actors Guild.


And you’re about to get your hands on it.

I designed Get Your Actors Guild Card Now to be the ultimate way for Non-Union Actors to become SAG/AFTRA Eligible in the fastest, easiest way possible. Without having to collect extra vouchers, waiting to get hired on a feature film, or spending thousands of dollars self-producing a web-series.

I recorded a series of six short videos, and wrote a brief, to the point, yet thoroughly detailed guide book.A complete, step-by-step blueprint to getting your SAG card through New Media.  In it you’ll find:

  • The simple, ethical “Hack” that virtually guarantees you becoming SAG eligible within a WEEK.
  • The real reason nobody has told you the truth about Joining SAG through New Media
  • A startling discovery that literally forces SAG to offer you Membership in the Guild.
  • The single most important asset you MUST have for your project, where to find it, and how to get it for a fraction of what it should cost.
  • The 7 step formula that will give you a completed script for your project in just hours.
  • 3 vital things you should know before you submit your paperwork to SAG
  • Exactly what to to do in the unlikely event your application is denied (don’t worry, it hasn’t happened yet, but you’ll be prepared).
  • How To make the Taft-Hartley Act work for you.
  • My top secret “proprietary” method for creating an outline for your project in no time.
  • A Line-by-line guide to every form and application you’ll encounter on the way, telling you EXACTLY what to say, and what NOT to say.

Now The fact is, when I first started selling the system, I charged $197 for it. Well, to be fair, I was including two hours of personal coaching with it. But I quickly found out that I had made the system so complete, that no one took me up on the coaching! I’d made my services completely redundant. Well, that was good news for everyone. I lowered the price to $97, and got my time back.

With the merger between SAG and AFTRA came some necessary changes to the SAG website. So I lowered the price again until I could investigate and make any necessary updates.

After I made the changes, I never got around to changing all the buttons back to $97.

So there it is. My sloth is your gain. You get the entire package, the eBook, the 7 part video series, the quickstart guide, PLUS, an excellent ebook on auditioning that I’m sure you’ll like, AND a report that will give you details on getting your Initiation dues FINANCED (That’s right, you can break it down into 24 monthly payments if you know who to talk to) All for the dirt cheap price of… Drumroll please:

$47 American.

One More Thing: If You Download The Program Today, I’ll Throw In A Legacy SAG Baseball Cap!

Legacy SAG Baseball CapBecause I want you to Take Action Now, I’m throwing in, while they last, an Old School, legacy Screen Actors Guild baseball cap. Not available anywhere else, not even the SAGAFTRA Store. Only here, and only for the next handful of Proactive Actors willing to jump in and take the first step to getting their SAG-AFTRA Cards Today., there are only
7 left, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

“Follow My Step-By-Step Blueprint And You Will Be SAG Eligible In Just A Few Weeks. I Guarantee It.”

dkpicHi, I’m David Knell, the author of Get Your Actors Guild Card Now. You may know me from films like SPLASH,  TOTAL RECALL, TURNER & HOOCH, and SPRING BREAK.

Joining the Screen Actors Guild and getting your SAG Card is a milestone in your career as a professional actor.

As actors, we don’t have a whole lot of control of our own destinies. Which is why the best thing we can do is be ready.  For anything.

Look at it this way: If a good friend called out of the blue and offered you an all expenses paid trip to Europe, only you had to get to the airport in two hours, that’d be great, right? Exciting… Spontaneous… As long as you have a passport.

If, not?  WHAT a missed opportunity…

Having your SAG card is like that passport. If you aren’t a Screen Actors Guild member, or at least SAG eligible, you’re not 100% ready for that big call.

It certainly gives the producer one more reason to say “no” when considering you for a role, no matter how talented you may be.

Of course you are certainly welcome to get your SAG Card the hard way, like thousands of others, and wait as long as it takes for your “Lucky Break.”

OR you can be pro-active and take advantage of what some people are calling a “loophole” in one of the SAG contracts that has been quietly allowing actors to legitimately become SAG eligible and get their SAG card by their own choice and volition.

Look, if you search the internet you’ll get a LOT of conflicting information on this joining SAG and getting your SAG Card. A lot of half-truths, a lot of hearsay, some scary warnings, and a lot of stuff that’s ridiculously wrong.

Allow me, and I’ll take you through the actual contracts, showing you exactly what makes this possible and completely legitimate. Then I’ll show you the simplest way to get your SAG Card: with a weekend project that delivers 100% guaranteed results.

It’s a solid, foolproof system that will work for you, just like it has EVERYONE who has done it so far. (And it’ll also be a lot of fun!)


Get Started Right Now for Only $47

“Literally Everyone who has downloaded my program and followed my step-by-step instructions is now SAG Eligible or a Member of SAG-AFTRA As a result.
Check Out These Testimonials…”

“After 18 months working as Background long non-union hours in several SAG TV shows hoping for 3 vouchers, I never got close to getting one.  It became frustrating, because I thought it would be easy to get them, but is not. On Sunday April 17th I bought David’s ~ Get Your Actors Guild Card Now ~.  That same day I downloaded and viewed the videos, I wrote a script, and sent everything to SAG.  2 days Later I was an approved SAG Signatory Producer, 32 days later I became SAG eligible. David, thank you for this information.  That was the best $97 I ever spent! I recommend to everyone serious about becoming SAG eligible to Just Do it!”
Alvin H.
“YES!!! it worked.  Thank You sooo very much for all your help! I am so grateful.  I couldn’t have done it without your tutorial… I learned so much!!! On Sunday I checked the site and I was SAGe… Yesterday I filled out all the paperwork and faxed it to SAG so hopefully I will receive my SAG card soon…”
Barbie C.
“I did it! Your Method could not be more simple. Thank You!!!!!!!!”
Eva L.
“Hey Dave, I’ve wrapped everything and sent in all my paperwork to SAG (including my Taft Hartley). I should hear back from them next Friday. Fingers Crossed!  Thanks! P.S. – Here’s the link to the short I created. Pretty much did what you suggested and kept it simple (and had a lot of fun). Thanks again!”
Dominick S.

  • How To Join SAG (The Old-Fashioned Way)

If you want to go about it the hard way, which is to say the way actors have been doing since time in memorium, I spell it out for you, step by excruciating step! Check out the sample module to the left.

  • The New Media “Loophole”

I break open the so-called “loophole” in the New Media contract that makes it possible for you get into the Screen Actors Guild on your own timetable, and on YOUR terms. I show you every line in the contract that proves this is a completely legitimate way to join SAG, and not really a loophole at all (though it does require specific knowledge, that you won’t find just anywhere).

  • A Script, An Actor, A Barn and Some Paint

Then I reverse engineer the whole process and show you EXACTLY what you’ll need in order to take advantage of this “loophole” and get the job done in the SIMPLEST way possible. I take you through a specifically designed weekend video project that will not only showcase your best qualities and talents, but also qualify you for Screen Actors Guild membership, while you’re at it. I also tell you exactly what elements you MUST include to guarantee success. HINT: do this part right, and the membership department is REQUIRED by federal law to offer you membership in the Guild. Do it wrong, and you’re back to square one (Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake).

  • The Signatory Process

Then we go step-by-step, line by line through all the SAG Signatory paperwork. I point out all the places you really have to pay attention, so that you don’t have your Signatory Application (and ultimately your membership) denied.

  • The Production Paperwork

I steer you safely through all the on-set paperwork, showing you exactly how and when to fill out each form, and keep you from making simple mistakes that could cost you dearly.

  • The Taft Hartley Report

All the details on correctly filing with the membership department. What to say, and what NOT to say.

Order the eBook, Videos and MP3 files

All that, plus the Legacy SAG Baseball cap (while supplies last).

Legacy SAG Baseball CapOnly $47

Earn Your SAG Card This Weekend!

My 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

So what are you waiting for? Get the eBook, and Video Combo and put it to use IMMEDIATELY. If you follow my Step-By-Step instructions, and still fail to get you the results you’re after, I’ll give you your full purchase price back. You know what? I take that back. I’m not even going to qualify it. You have an entire YEAR to get a refund for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! Simple as that.
*All product images are representative. Actual product consists of downloadable pdf, mp3 and mp4 video files. SAG and SAG Card are registered trademarks of the Screen Actors Guild

Get Your SAG Card and Join SAG Now

Author: David Knell

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